Shine As A Digital Citizen

Welshampton ‘Digital Citizens’ let their light shine brightly.

We aim to prepare the children to be lifelong learners and users of technology where access to ICT resources is natural and commonplace. Throughout their education at Welshampton CE Primary School, the children will have the opportunity to engage in activities where they learn to use technology safely and to achieve given goals. They are encouraged to engage with the Computing curriculum through memorable experiences such¯as creating and inputting algorithms into Beebots to follow a specific path, or by coding and creating their own games for their friends to play.

Through our Computing curriculum, we aim to enable the children to become:

Enthusiastic, curious and independent thinkers through providing opportunities to use emerging technologies, provide opportunities for children to explore programs where they can use logical reasoning to explain how some simple algorithms work. They will use this knowledge to design and create a range of programs, systems and content that accomplish given goals that they can test out on their friends. They will also ask themselves ‘What if’ questions and manipulate algorithms to see the results.

Motivated, reflective and resilient learners through developing their ability to apply their knowledge to read and understand algorithms in a variety of forms; they will work together to discover, detect and ‘debug’ algorithms to achieve the required outcome.

Tolerant and responsible citizens through developing their understanding of how to use technology safely. They will discuss and learn how collaboration with other people can be useful, how they should respect contributions from others and most importantly, how to use the Internet safely and responsibly. They will also be taught how to report any e-safety concerns in the correct way.



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'Let your light shine' encapsulates the school's commitment to provide an enriching education which is deep and broad.




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