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School Dinners

For over a year now our school meals have been prepared and cooked by the catering staff at Ellesmere Primary School and then transported to us. This system has worked very well and we are pleased with the service we receive. Ellesmere's kitchen has been in an Agreement with Shire Services until this summer. As a cluster of primary schools who are constsantly looking for best value and service we made the decision last term to come away from Shire Services and allow Ellesemere catering staff the opportunity to prepare menus and meals themselves as well as source the produce we use.

There will be no change to the service the children receive and the same standards will be provided. Children will still be order their choice of meal in the morning and they can still choose daily whether or not to have a hot school meal or bring their own packed lunch. All Key Stage 1 children and children in the Foundation Stage are still entitled to a Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) The only difference will be that if you choose to pay by cheque you should now make it payable to "Welshampton CE Primary School" not Shire Services.

Please go to "Parent Letters" for a printable version of this newsletter and menu.