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Rocket Science


Class 2 became 'rocket scientists' this afternoon. 


Class 2  got their hands on a new science project which is, literally, out of this world – a packet of seeds from the International Space Station.

The seeds, which should grow into Rocket lettuce, were cultivated in the zero-gravity conditions of the ISS by British astronaut Tim Peake.


The Welshampton children are among a lucky minority in Britain selected by the UK Space Agency and the Royal Horticultural Society for a serious experiment in the field of Astro-Biology. It is quite literally Rocket science!


The seeds will grow alongside a packet of "normal" seeds produced on Earth, and then be measured by expert bio-statisticians to detect even the tiniest differences!


Class 2 is very excited to be taking part in this project. They feel the experiment is a fantastic way of learning more scientifically!