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Year 6 STEM Challenge

Four Year 6's took part in a STEM Challenge (Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematical Challenge) at Adcote School, organised by Adcote in partnership with the Iron Works Centre,  Oswestry.  The Year 6's had to make a roller coaster following a design brief:


It must have 6 half turns.

Be between 30 cm and 100 cm tall.

Strong enough to roll a marble down. 

The marble must take at least 5 seconds to roll around the roller coaster.

The marble must end up in a pot at the end of the roller coaster.

Each part of the roller coaster cost a particular amount.  The children had to build the roller coaster to a budget..... 


The children had a fun day working through the challenge and came 7th out or 16 teams. 

Thank you also to Mrs Mainwaring (School Governor) who accompanied the children on the day and had to participate in the same challenge, but in teams of  adults!