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Year 6 Challenges.

Week of 6th -10th July 2020-Challenge 2

For this challenge I would like  you to research where you'd like to go for your Year 6 Leavers Trip.  The Leavers trip will not take place until the 'lock down' restrictions have eased much more (so this may well be towards the end of 2020) but it is good to plan and put a potential date on your calendar.

I would like you to email me your ideas and answer the following questions: 

*The costings of going on the trip (e.g., how much will it cost to do the activity/trip)? 

*Transport:how you will get there and back? 

*What suitable clothing will need to be worn?

*Why would your fellow Year 6s like to go on this leavers trip? Try and persuade them its the best idea for a trip ever!

*Does the location of your school trip take 18 pupils and do they have a risk assessment for school trips?


Good luck and enjoy!


Mrs Clarke


Handwriting Competition 2020

It's that time of year for the Y6 handwriting competition.  Please can you copy this poem (see document below)-it's really quite an apt, lovely poem and can only really apply to Y6 2020! 

Please use your neatest handwriting script-think letter size, letter formation, letter joins and style.

Please can you take a photo of your entry and either email or WhatsApp me your handwriting entry by Monday 6th July.

Good luck

Mrs Clarke

Year 6 handwriting competition 2020-entries emailed or WhatsApped by Monday July 6th

Week of 29th June - 3rd July 2020

Well here it is......the traditional Year 6 challenge 1.  This year it is the brainchild of Ms Dawson and Miss Evans.......enjoywinksmiley

For those Year 6's completing it at home, please let me know when you've completed it so that I can arrange collection of it in a safe way.

Challenge 2 will be sent out next week.