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Staff and Volunteer Update


Mrs Peile - those of you with children in Class 1 will be aware that Mrs Peile has been absent recently. She is still unwell and will be off work until the end of spring term; I'm sure you'd all like to join me in sending her our best wishes that she is soon fully recovered. Miss Jones will continue to cover the teaching full-time in Class 1.

Associate Teachers:

Once again we are supporting the qualification, through Initial Teaching Training, of associate teachers from 12th March and into the summer term. Welcome to Miss Andrew who will be working in Class 2 and Miss Winter who will be working in Class 3. We are delighted to be able to offer the wonderful opportunity of working in an outstanding school with such fantastic children as they complete their qualifications. Thank you to Mrs Liley and Mrs Clarke who will be supporting them.


Welcome and thank you to Mrs Bradley who is volunteering her time to support the children and staff in Classes 1 and 2 on a Friday. Mrs Bradley has previously worked at other local schools; she had heard about our excellent reputation and was keen to help here.


Mrs Parsons - I'm sure you'd like to join me in sending Mrs Parsons a 'get well soon' message; she has been poorly since last week. We hope to have her back at the end of this week.