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Independent Learning week Monday 29th June

Dear Class 2


I hope you are all well and continuing to work hard at home.  We are missing you all so much in school and keeping everything crossed that we will all be back together in September.  


This term has been strange in so many ways and we have missed so many of the lovely events we always enjoy during Summer Term at school.  We will have to make up for them all when we return!


It is 'independent learning week' this week which is a part of Summer term that we can all continue to enjoy.  You can choose any topic at all (e.g a film star, the weather, an ocean, Space,  a country, a musician, food, cars, football, ballet, a wild animal- absolutely anything!) Try and choose something you know nothing about already.


You need to research your topic focus using the internet, books, magazines, television, or by talking/interviewing someone or by any other ways you can think of!


I would like to see some real creativity and imagination being demonstrated in how you present your work. 



  • You might like to create a newspaper article about an interesting story related to your subject focus or write a biography.
  • You could draw a picture and create a collage.
  • Write a song or a poem and record yourself presenting it.
  • You could create a Powerpoint presentation or a TV news interview presenting facts about your chosen topic.
  • You could imagine you get the chance to interview someone linked to your topic and create a list of questions you might ask.
  • You could create a 3D model of your topic or even a cake! 


I am sure you will come up with some amazing presentation ideas and I would love you to send them to me so that I can share your hard work on our Class page.  You have a week to get really involved in your topic.


I will look forward to seeing your work.


See you all soon


Mrs Liley