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February 2016

Monday the 8th of February saw us celebrate Chinese New Year.   We had lots of activities looking at all aspects of the Chinese New Year.  We had a special lunch of Chinese food which was delicious.


On Shrove Tuesday we had a pancake race.  Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday to remember Jesus going into the desert.  The whole school was allowed to take part in the pancake race, also Caterpillars joined us and so did some parents.  It was held on the playground and so much fun.  

We had a visit from Jonny who showed us Spaghetti Maths.  He will be holding an after school club after Easter.  It was very interesting, he showed us how to untangle ropes, 3D shapes and square bubbles.


On Friday the 12th we had a disco.  The disco was held in Class 3 where we had games and dancing.

There was plenty of cakes and sweets and unlimited squash.  We played corners, musical statues and bumps.  It was lots of fun meeting up with our friends and dancing to our favourite songs.


In the holidays Class 2 children had an exciting time visiting friends, restaurants, going to the zoo and there were lots of sleepovers.  It great to get back to school to have a rest.


At the moment Meres and Mosses have kindly lent us a field camera.  It is positioned on the school field and each week we are checking to see what wildlife uses the field.  We have seen lots of birds but unfortunately nothing else yet.  We will keep checking and think about leaving treats out to encourage a more wildlife.


School council votes were held on the playground with a secret vote and a special ballot box. Congratulations to all those elected.