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E-Safety workshop

This was a really useful and informative session. I'm so pleased I came, Miss Jones told us so many interesting and important things that have helped me feel more confident about e-safety. Thank you again for all these really good workshops, we love coming into school.

Sam Clubbe and Becki Lea (parents of year 5 children)

Thank you, very interesting and some useful information I didn't know.

                                                                          Theresa Moore  (parent of a year 1 child)


Lots of very, very useful information. Thank you

                                Alison Roberts  (parent of a year 3 child)


Very interesting and it has made me think a bit more about the internet.

                                                                           Alex Grindley (parent of a year 1 child)


Thank you, I will be looking at our settings at home and will shout if I need to ask any more questions.

                                                                                               Claire Mainwaring (parent of a year 2 child)