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Week beginning 3rd May 2021

Hi Class 3,   wink

We have had a very confusing week! Bank holiday Monday and Thursday off (PD Day)....YAY!!!

On Tuesday we were learning about persuasive writing styles in English and planning our eco friendly versions of a traditional tale. On Wednesday we had PE in the afternoon where we  tried to avoid the rain showers.  On Friday we went onto the field for the WHOLE morningyes and played a MASSIVE game of hide and seek.   

Hope you have a good weekend and see you on Monday!laughyeswink


Evelyn P & Beatrix L






Week beginning 10th May 2021 



This week, Health and safety have been trying their best to keep the school safe and healthy.

(Isaac and Jesse)


Today, (Friday).

Tallulah has made the school's longest daisy chain we will put it up next week!

2 meters and 80 cm!

Well done to Tallulah i know you worked really hard on that!


Well done to  Morgan for star of the week and Bea for  wonder worker 




Week beginning 17th May 2021

Hi, Half Term coming up soon.

Geography was all about the Grand Canyon and their tribes. It was quite fun.laugh

In Maths we have been doing word problems which were quite tricky but we learnt long multiplication to help us and it definitely helped!

 In English we learnt that there can be more than one type of speech marks. 

 Art was called 'abstract art'. We lay on the floor (in our table groups) and drew around each other and painted within  the lines.


Evie P and Bea Lblushsmiley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Week beginning 14th June 2021


With half term gone by we are  back at school again.

The Year 6's are doing practice SATs!!!

Maths club has started in the hive every  morning with Mrs Curzon and in English we are doing poetry (Emily Dickinson) as a whole class.

In Computing we are doing FAKE NEWS!!!!(This isn't one, don't worry!)





               Beatrixdevil And Evelynwink

Week beginning 19th July 2021

Happy summer holidays everyone...We have had such a busy year!! 


See you in September x