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Another fun packed week has gone by and it feels like only yesterday that it was the summer holiday! Class 3 have had a jam packed week full of rainforests,tag rugby and lots, lots more! Our very own tag rugby team went to Oswestry Rugby Club and competed against 4 other schools, progressing in each game they played, even though they came last it was a very close call- their opponents played brilliantly and they were not brought down at all when they came back. WELL DONE!


In class 3 it's a jungle, we're writing pamphlets of information about the rainforest, and (if I do say so myself) they are looking great! Lots of great handwriting, I wonder who will get the next pen licence? I really do wonder what the next week will bring to us?  Well I guess I'll just have to wait and see!



Another fun packed  week has gone by, and we have done lots of things but …  On Friday 23rd September we had non-school uniform day for Macmillian Cancer and we had a coffee afternoon and there was a cake competition and auction, the cakes were delicious.  At the Macmillan coffee afternoon we raised £339.71 J It was lots of fun and we worked fantastically as a school.  I’m sure most of you were full when you got home from those beautiful cakes!  As another fun week is beeing created by the kind teachers they definetly packed a fantastic, brilliant week for us this week J


                                                  By Sienna And Anabel J                                                                                                                                                                             

Friday September 16th 2016

Another busy week has gone by  and the Year 4 and 5’s went to a Sport Superstars Competition, which we had practiced for last term but didn’t due because the weather stopped play!  We were competing against Newton Primary School, we don’t know who won yet but hopefully we will should know soon.

 In English we finished describing our Class 3 Mascot,  we are having a competition to see whose mascot will be the Class 3 Mascot. We have really enjoyed using our imagination to invent and then describe them J

This afternoon we are learning about our lungs and about our lung capacity-we’ll let you know how we got on next week….

Anabel and Sienna


September 9th 2016

After a busy summer holiday, we all are back at school and working hard. We were happy about coming back  and seeing all our friends and telling them all about our fun packed holiday. In maths we are learning about the countries taking part in the Paralyimpics and their populations.  In English we are learning about the Paralympic mascot called Tom. We are making our own Class Three mascot and our class teacher is going to choose one of them to be our real class mascot!  Also in art we are doing cartoon strips about our favourite activity in the summer holidayJ.

The first week at school has flown by! J

                                                                         By  Anabel & Sienna J

May 2016

The skills that we needed to use to make our periscopes included;ruler accuracy, to draw our net, straight cutting, to cut out our periscope and angle accuracy, to place in our mirrors. Also sticking skills  make sure our periscope doesn't fall apart and accurate codiates to make sure our net is perfect and makes a periscope.


I really enjoyed making the periscopes at school because it used so many skills and could carry on through so many lessons. It enhanced all of our creativity and brought out a brand new, unseen side of class 3 that nobody thought we had.


Layla, Year 5



You take a piece of squared paper and you copy the measurements that have been given to you. Once you have done your grid, draw lines on your shape that is is on a squared piece of paper. The next thing you do is, use a ruler to crease your lines for a nice crisp edge. Check that all of the edges fold into the shape of the periscope, this now becomes your template for your cardbaord box and trace around it. You can now cut this out.


Once you have cut out your perisope shape you will need to use a ruler again to crease the edges. Now onto the best part, you can decorate your periscope (I love decorating) mine was with flowers if you want to copy. After that, using a ruler crease your lines and make sure it is really bendy. Try and see if your template fits into a periscope and if it does use either glue or sellotape to make it stay together.


Make sure you have 2 mirrors that fit the size of your periscope, they need to be placed at a 45 degree angle, 1 at the top and the other at the bottom and there you go a periscope. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and I want to make another one.


Jessica, Year 5



I think that Arthog was one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life!  I'll never forget it-I made so many precious memories.

My favourite day was the first day when we did orienteering, it was so much fun, especially because my team won.  I also loved rock climbing-it was awesome.

By Natahsa


Well Arthog was expensive! However it was definitley worth it.  All that excitment crammed into four busy days.  At Arthog I found out about my friends and learnt about myself.  I learnt how we worked as a team by taking part in the fabulous range of activities such as: wild, windy walking, crazy canoeing, rugged rock climbing, glorious gorge walking and many more....We not only did the activities but we gained interesting facts from them too from such nice, lively and young instructors.


By Millie



January 2016


The other day it was Field Fun.  It was messy, chaotic and exciting!  We built a mud slide down the slope in the school field, we were slipping and slidding all over the place. Although it was so cold and wet and my toes went numb, I had a brilliant time.  As you can imagine we were filthy and our parents went mad-luckily we do have Field fun waterproofs!

By Guy and Layla


A few days ago we were learning about why and how the Polar Ice Caps are melting.  We wrote an explnation in our books and even filmed ourselves with the tough cams, which was great fun.  We are hoping Mrs Clarke will put them on the website, she has tried but it's not worked yet!

By Toby


This term children in our class are either going swimming or to gymnastics.  I am going swimming and I'm loving it-I feel like my swimming is improving every week.

By Charlie B

I'm doing gymnastics on the wall equipment.  I can climb to the top and on the ropes I can swing really high!

By Morgan


On Wednesday our netball team represented the school by going to a netball tournament at the Marches School.  We were against 5 teams: we won 1, drew 3 and lost 1.  We came 4th! We thought it was a fantastic morning.

By Olivia S and Grace


Today we voted for School Council, which means we talk about things around the school, listen to what our school friends have to say about the school and help organsie specail events.  Everybody who wanted to be on the School Council made a speech infront of their class.  At break the following day Mrs Clarke gave out a ballot paper to every pupil in school so they could vote for someone in each year group.

The following day the school councillors were announced by Mrs Clarke in assembly.  I am the year 5 School Councillor-I'm so proud!  Well done to everyone who entered.

By Paige

December 2015

A few days ago we were invited to go and see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at Lakelands Academy.  It was a wonderful play and I think the pupil's at Lakelands did themselves proud.  It was great to see the main part-the evil snow queen- was played by someone who used to come to our school.

By Sienna and Anabel.


We've had a letter back from the Queen's Lady in-waiting.... it's on headed paper, the envelope even had the royal stamp  on it! We are all really excitied and pleased that we have had a reply

By Bailey


Before the end of term we did a Christmas Nativity at the church.  We told stories about jesus and we sang songs.  Class 3 did a few songs dedicated to World War II, it was great fun.  Someone in the audience( who doesn't come to our school) said we'd done a great job and they loved our performance.


We have also had a Christmas party one morning with some tradidtional games like pass-the-parcel, musical statues and musical bumps followed by a whole school Christmas lunch-the whole school in Class 3 wearing hats and listening to Christmas songs.  We really enjoyed the day!

By Elliot


Another Christmas treat.... the whole school went to see Dick Whittington at Theatre Severn.  It was really, really loud but so funny.  Their was a bad guy called King Rat and when he came out on stage he came out in loads of smoke, whcih stank....In another scene, it was so funny when Dolly and the captain of the baost fell over when the boast was swaying from side to side.

At the interval we were treated to ice creams-yummm!  We loved the pantomine, it ws amazing, I can't wait until the next one.

By Jessica and Kloe.

November 2015


Yesterday was the tag rugby tournament at Oswestry Rugby Club. I was so chuffed to be chosen for the team. The tournament was really tiring due to all the running up and down the pitch. To improve our game we had tips off a dad who used to play rugby. We did score 2 tries but sadly we didn't win any matches. However, we had so much fun and I'm really proud because I scored a try.

By Charlie

October 2015

A couple oof days ago we based out art lesson on the famous artist Henry Rousseau.  We were all so inspired by him that we drew pictures like his paintings, mine had a peacock in the jungle.   We had a chance to look at everybody elses work-we were so pleased with how our animals blended in.

By Imy



September  2015

This Friday was a fantastic because I won the first reward raffle for this school year.  Anabel was the first Class 2 Star of the Week and Evan was the first Wonder Worker.....a great start to September

By Jonny


A few days ago the year 3 and 4 Football team represented the school and went to a football tournament at Crifitns Primary School.  Unfortunatley we lost the tournament but we had lots of fun and we even got to play an extra game!

By Evan and Regan


On the 18th September all of Class 3 wrote to the queen to congratulate her on being the longest serving British monarch.  When we finished the letters we copied them into neat and actually sent them to the queen.  We are all hoping for a reply......

By Bailey


Yesterday we had the House Drama Cup competition.  I played the main part in my house's play (Peacock) called the Corndoll.  I was the Corndoll and the play had been re-written in rhyme by Layla.  Brimstone's play was all about a Cheroke harvest and Grayling's play was the Enormous Turnip.  We performed in front of parents-I loved it, it was one of the best days of this year so far.

By Natasha

PS: Brimstone won with a very good performance.

On Thursday 7th May, the whole of Class 3 made an awesome guillotine as the final part of our topic: Crime and Punishment!  We all thought the construction of the guillotine was  really fun -it was a fabulous afternoon!


We had studied scale models of the guillotine in design and technology (along with developing our technical drawing skills)  in preparation for the making of the life-size model. 


We constructed the life size model, with the help of Richard -who was brilliant, by piecing together  pre-chopped wood. Firstly we started with the sides of the guillotine and  we used dowels to lock the joints together. After that we slid the lunette (the head hole) into place; next we put the blade made from foam (health and safety) into the guillotine and attached the pulley system.  Layla, Jonathon, Leah and Kate then made the guillotine look more lifelike by  splattering  the head hole with lots of blood (AKA: red paint!) so it looked like it had just been used to chop off the head of the latest criminal. The painting was a little messy, but was really exciting and made the guillotine  look extremely gory!


When the guillotine was finished, we just needed a volunteer to test it!  So being inventive,  we blew up lots of balloons;  drew faces on them and put them in the lunette.   We put a small pin in the foam blade and  let the string go; only after we had counted down the beheading in French -we felt this was authentic since it was a French invention! ..... POP went the balloons! We held the basket to catch the popped balloons too!


We all felt the whole experience was really exciting and a brilliant experience.  It was fun with a capital F! 


We would also like to give a BIG thank you to Richard for coming in and helping us make it.  And we are looking  forward to our next project.

By Year 4 & 5

Gruesome Guillotine Facts


  • Doctor Joseph Ignace Guillotine invented the guillotine and a more adept way of executing criminals.
  • The guillotine was a device used for carrying out executions by beheading.  It consisted of a tall upright frame from which a blade suspended.  The device is noted for execution in France and more particularly during the French Revolution.
  • The last guillotine execution was committed on September 10th 1977.
  • Guillotines are use just for beheading.
  • Adults and children would gather with a picnic to watch the executions.