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We have  high expectations for attendance and in 2016 - 17 our attendance rate was 97% . Please help to maintain this high level of attendance.


Attendance Rate so far in 2017-18 = 97.3% Keep it up everyone!


In line with Shropshire Council's guidelines, we do not authorise family holidays in school time but we do understand that there may be occasions where a family have an exceptional circumstance for requesting an absence from school and we are happy to discuss such requests with parents.


We know that from time to time, children become ill and do need to have time off school. In such cases, we ask that parents inform school directly as early as possible on the day of absence.


In the interests of "Safeguarding", if we are not informed of a child's absence before 9:30am, we will endeavour to contact parents as soon as possible in order to confirm that the child is safe.