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I know that you have done some lovely art work already during your home-learning, with your self portraits for Mrs Liley and your VE Day art.  This week I'd like you to do some more art to develop your sketching and proportion skills.


Find a plant/tree in your garden that you can spend time sketching, making sure that you get the shape and size proportions correct. 

If you have colouring pencils or water colours etc, try to add colour to your sketch taking your time to mix colours to match that of the real plant/tree.

Once you have done that, on a new page I'd like you to draw a simplified version of your plant/tree, but instead of using colour, I'd like you to fill the leaves/petal/branches with different patterns.  

Now look at both of your pictures and decide which you prefer and why; e.g, it may be you prefer your sketch by how it looks, but it may be because you preferred doing one style more.

I'd love to see what you've done, so please email them me (, and then I can share your sketches on our Class 3 page.


Mrs Clarke