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Shrewsbury Museum

To complete our topic on Invaders and Settlers Class 2 spent  a wonderful day visiting  Shrewsbury Museum.  They  enjoyed a  hands-on learning experience with an experienced museum educator in a fascinating museum setting.


Meet the Anglo-Saxons

They started the day reconstructing an Anglo-Saxon grave to find out what burials tell us about their beliefs, ways of life, crafts and technology.  They dressed up, handled artefacts and learnt about the royal burial at Sutton Hoo.


Viking Raiders

During the second part of our day we had a hands-on artefact enquiry session exploring the Viking history of Shropshire and beyond.  Through costume and role-play the children found out what Vikings wore, how they fought, what they believed, gaining a vivid insight into people who lived over a millennium ago.


We had a great day!