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Science practical activities Summer 2016

Our Worm Enquiry!
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More Science activities!


We are continuing our topic on living things by creating a variety of food chains from different habitats and exploring the preferred habitat for woodlice by creating chambers of choice.


food chains and preferred habitats

Rocket Science

Class 2 became 'rocket scientists' for the afternoon. 


Class 2  got their hands a new science project which is, literally, out of this world – a packet of seeds from the International Space Station.

The seeds, which should grow into Rocket lettuce, were cultivated in the zero-gravity conditions of the ISS by British astronaut Tim Peake.


The Welshampton children are among a lucky minority in Britain selected by the UK Space Agency and the Royal Horticultural Society for a serious experiment in the field of Astro-Biology. It is quite literally Rocket science!


The seeds will grow alongside a packet of "normal" seeds produced on Earth, and then measured by expert bio-statisticians to detect even the tiniest differences!


Class 2 are very excited to be taking part in this project. They feel the experiment is a fantastic way of learning more scientifically!



As part of our science topic on living things and their habitats class 2 went onto the school field to collect a variety of objects they found lying on the ground.  They found a number of things including leaves, twigs, plastic, stones and rocks and even a rugby ball!


They were asked to sort their findings when they came back into the classroom into different groups.  These were very varied!


We had shiny things, green things and plastic things to name but a few!


We then moved on to sorting each of the objects into 3 groups: dead, alive and was once alive.


The  was once alive group created lots of great scientific questions!