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Class 3 Photograph Album Autumn 2014, Spring 2015

Independent Leraning week: the children could choose what to learn about and how they recorded/displayed their work. Parents, carers and friends were then invited to an open afternoon so the children could talk to them about what they had learnt about.

Year 6 Leavers Trip: Rednal Outdoor Laser Quest followed by lunch and bowling at The Venue. A BIG thank you to 'Friends' for treating the year 6's

Year 6 Challenge 2-'Take over the school for one day!' Plan, resource and team teach the three Welshampton classes

Year 6 Challenge: The Year 6 Bake Off: Team Work timed baking, decorating, taste testing!

Class 3 have enjoyed a half term of country dancing. A BIG thank you to Hilary for teaching the dances and Mr Morris for playing live music.

After a half term of learning Fench food vocabulary, Mrs Gamble treated us to a French Picnic!

After reading an information book about Jamie Oliver, Morpurgo Guided Reading Group decided to follow a recipie mentioned that was 'Pukka Tukka' for kids!

Some of Class 3 measuring the school field ready for a small wetland area.

Class 3 have loved this term's science topic all about Space. This is the children taking a whole school assembly explaining all about the solar eclipse, which are all hoping to watch using our pin hole viewers on 20.3.15

A fabulous afternoon was had by all: children, parents & grandparents, teachers and the Shropshire Wildlife team, when Class 3 shared all they had learnt from the John Muir Award. The children shared the information, through written work and practical activites, about their local area and conservation.

Class 3 enjoying their day of football at Shrewsbury Town Football Club

Trip 4 of the John Muir Award-Bickley Farm & Conservation: Making bird boxes and bird feeders; bird watching and disecting Barn Owl pellets

Christmas activites: Maths: measurement & cookery; fractions and paper chains, a tasty Christmas lunch and not forgetting the Winter Games!

Class 3's anit-bullying day: Making an anit-bullying shield

Trip 3 of the 'John Muir Award' to Bickley Farm, Headquarters of Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Year 5 and 6: Day one of a 2-day bikeability course

Year 5 and 6 at Shrewsbury Abbey's Open Door-A fabulous Christian, creative day!

Whixall Moss-Trip 2 of the John Muir Award

Class 3 at Woodlane Nature Reserve. Trip 1 of their John Muir Award