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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!


A great big welcome to our new Reception children who have settled in beautifully during their first week in our school: Ava, Emily, Euan, Evie, Harry, Hugh, Mia and Oliver.  We wish you every success as you embark on your learning journey in Class 1.


Mrs Peile and Miss Jones teach Class 1 which currently comprises 8 Reception, 10 Year 1 and 9 Year 2 children.  This year we are joined by Miss Bear who will provide our PPA cover. 


Mrs Peile is in school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Miss Jones teaches every Thursday and Friday.  Miss Bear will be in Class 1 on both a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday afternoon.


Class 1 is fortunate to be supported by the following fantastic Teaching Assistants who help to provide a nurturing, responsive environment for our pupils:


Ms Evans, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Edge and Mrs Humphreys.




Long Term Planning 2017 - 2018

Forest School Session 9th May 2017


Forest School Session 5th April 2017


Forest School Session 10th January 2017

As usual, we had an action packed, fun-filled Forest School session this week.  In Science we are busily learning about the Weather.  We decided that we would make equipment to help us record our observations, so whilst outdoors we worked hard to construct rain gauges and weather vanes.  In order to test which direction the wind was blowing in, we used balloons, flags and kites and then checked our results using compasses.  In addition, we used thermometers to check the air temperature.


Take a look at our photographs to spot the other fun activities that we participated in! 

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